Private Lessons

We are incredibly lucky to have so many of the top West Coast Swing talent living here in Denver, Colorado and teaching the intermediate lessons on Wednesday nights. We know many of you would like to take your dancing to the next level and get individualized attention and instructions. Private lessons are a great way to hone your craft. With one-on-one time with an instructor, attention can be focused on the elements and aspects that are most important for your own dancing and help you achieve your goals much faster.

Below is a list of those instructors that provide private lessons and information to contact them:

Instructor$/hrAvailabilityContact Cell
Gabi Wasserman$75Wed/Thurs/Sun480-276-7566
Jonathan Prichard$60Generally evenings after 9pm720-383-1009
Olya Khvan$60work days after 6pm or Sunday morning720-618-4569
Aleksandr Rozhkov$60work days after 6pm or weekends720-618-5507
Elizabeth Spann$60Any day (best Thrs & Sun). Denver & Boulder720-450-7385
Judith Asem$60Sun/Tues/Wed765-404-3361

More about our instructors

A quick introduction to the amazing instructors we have here in our ‘Denver Westies’ community teaching on Wednesday nights.

Gabi Wasserman

Gabi fell in love with dance in college. He competed on the CSU ballroom team for 4 years and returned after graduation to help coach. He started west coast swing shortly after and hasn’t looked back since. Gabi is competing at an all star champion level and is passionate about teaching.

Jonathan Prichard

Jonathan has been dancing West Coast Swing for the past 10 years. Prior to West Coast Swing, Jonathan came from a break-dancing background, which influenced his teaching style, from body movement, functionality, and most of all, the music. Jonathan is known for his musicality, smooth connection, and having fun wherever he goes. He loves sharing “light bulb” moments and working with students who want to grow.

Olya Khvan

Olya started dancing when she was 5 years old. She began with ballet and tap, moving to jazz and ballroom once she started college. When introduced to West Coast Swing she was able to connect it with her past dances while incorporating her musical knowledge to develop her unique musicality. She finds West Coast Swing to be a fun, stress relieving outlet, that allows her to express herself creatively as an art.

Aleksandr Rozhkov

Aleksandr, or Sasha as his friends call him, started dancing in 2009 in Russia. It was there that he was introduced to the concept of movement to music. As an athlete and lifelong musician, dance captured his attention as it was a culmination of two things that he loved. After exploring various dances, West Coast Swing captured his heart for it’s ability to create and adapt to various styles of music. He finds joy and a freedom of expression embedded within the technique and personal style of West Coast Swing.

Judith Asem

Known for her fun and easy going workshops, Judith travels the US not only as an instructor, but as a judge at national events. Students and colleagues come to her for private lessons, choreography, group classes, judging and event coordination. Her love of the dance can be seen on the dance floor as well as on the competition floor.

Terra Summers

Terra started dancing at 3 training in jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop. At 17 she was introduced to partnership dancing and started training at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. After 3 years she started competing in American Smooth and Rhythm as well as West Coast Swing. Now she is an independent instructor that teaches all over Colorado as well as across the United States. Currently she competes in the All-star division for West Coast Swing and won the Top Follow in the NASDE circuit for 2017. She also competes in Rising Star for West Coast Swing. When Terra is not traveling she is helping the local dance scene teaching private lessons, group classes and DJing at local events.

Elizabeth Spann

Lizy began dancing at the age of 10 right here in the Denver, Colorado community. Her competitive dance career began in 2011. Since then, she has earned her points up from the Junior, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and AllStar Divisions. Lizy was fortunate to study under the some of highest ranked West Coast Swing dancers, including Ben Morris and Victoria Henk. Lizy’s goal is to share her love and passion for this dance and empower her students to express themselves to music.

Derek Newman

Derek Newman has been dancing for over 20 years and teaching at the Mercury Cafe for 10 years. He began his dancing career in East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, but has spent the past decade focused on West Coast Swing. He has competed across the country in West Coast Swing routine divisions and enjoys traveling to national dance events.