Dance Shoes

Your shoes can give you a significant advantage in your movement by preventing unnecessary resistance and placing your body in the right place for the respective dances. Most West Coast Swing dance shoes have suede soles, which makes them feel perfect on dance floors.

West coast swing shoes can be purchased from the any of the wonderful providers listed below, and typically run between $100 – $170.

Free Shoes
We are currently running a promotion for us to say thank you for being such a great part of our wonderful community and hopefully support you along your dance journey. If you attend 10 of our Wednesday night ‘Westie Wednesday’ events at the Mercury Cafe, you will be eligible to receive a free pair of either the men’s or women’s style dance shoes shown below (*please read disclaimer below). When you pay at the door, please provide your phone number as a means for us to track the number of times you have come danced with us. Each phone number will only be allowed once per night. After you reached 10 visits, we will try our best to match you with your desired style (ladies black sandals or men’s ballroom shoe), size and availability dependent. (And we may even extend special prizes for those that go beyond 10 visits…).

Ladies Sandals
The ladies style sandals or “practice Cuban heels’ are a core shoe that will serve you well for not only WCS but your other dance styles as well. They provide a small lift while still allowing you to “anchor” / settle your weight back. The front straps also allow comfort not found in closed toe shoes. These shoes are the “gold standard” for women’s shoes for West Coast Swing. They are used from newcomer through Champion level.

Dance shoes are supposed to fit tight. Your big toe should line up with the front edge of the shoe. Most of the straps should be in contact with your skin. The top strap goes around your foot, not your ankle. Also remember these shoes will stretch out overtime and form to your foot.

Men’s Ballroom shoe
Dance shoes with heels are very popular for competitions and social dancing in the West Coast swing genre. These men’s standard ballroom shoe (also known as Oxford, or smooth shoe) works very well for various occasions and floors, with a Low, wide heel which offers more stability and good weight transfer into the heel.

Dance shoes should fit tighter than your street shoes. Your toe should almost touch the front of the shoe. If you leave too much space in the toe, the soft leather will permanently curl from repetitive bending every time you roll your foot.

Limit availability. While supplies last. No substitution will be provided. We expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the product or it’s use. Terms and conditions can change at any time.
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Ladies Sandals $100 – $170 $120 $90 – $160 $90 $100 – $130 $130 $100 – $110 $110 $140 (£115) – $210 (£175) $140 (£115)

Men’s “Smooth Shoe” $130 – $170 $160 $100 – $180 $110 $70 – $140 $110 $115 (£95) – $175 (£145) $145 (£120)